Keep it simple, silly.
Lately, my life has been in a state of chaos. Self imposed? Maybe. I mean, how we react is just as important as the type of shit hitting the fan.

I’ve been overwhelmed. I’m trying to do too much for too many and everything is suffering.
Remember my new year’s resolution? Taking time for me? Yeah.

My store manager says I’m right on target. My team loves me and I’m creating a great working environment. My district manager says I’m behind. The juggling act I’m doing is with the wrong pins. I need to be more selfish. I’m doing no more than is expected of a shift supervisor.

It seems as though I’m expected to perform but no one will tell me what they want and whatever I do is wrong.

The control freak in me is raging. I need to have a solid grasp on something.

I’m reading books on business, team building, and being a good leader/listener/communicator.
I’m not working out and I’m eating like it’s going out of style. The worse for me the better. This in turn is making me tired, moody and fat.

Last night, on a whim, I bought the food cups for the 21 day fix. We have workout dvds coming out of our ears, a gym, and a beautiful 2 mile trail around a lake just a few feet from our door. I don’t need another workout to avoid. I thought maybe the cups, pinterest, and the app could be just the simple structure I need to get a small handle on me.

Just put some food in the portion controlled, color coded cups and only eat so much of a color in a day.

Simple, right?

Except, it’s basically portion controlled clean eating. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan of the idea of clean eating. It’s just that this simple system is going to require pre planning and thought. It’s not the kind of simple I was hoping for.
You know what I want. The kind of simple that comes with a personal chef. While we’re visiting LaLa Land we might as well throw in a nanny and a maid.
That’s my kind of simple.

I’ll still give it a shot. Worse case I end up with more containers to fill my tupperware cupboard.
It’s win/win either way, really.

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