The dangers of running

I’m running a half marathon in 4.5 months. WHAT????? While running a half in November is going to be AMAZING because of the beautiful NC fall weather, training for it in the throes of an NC summer is not so amazing. Waking up to run at dawn o’ clock is not an option when I work until at least 10 lately.

I took to the treadmill today because no one wants heat stroke and I’m still nursing my knees. I was hauling buns through a great run, aiming for 3 miles, when I look down and see that the gym is quickly filling with water. It was at least an inch deep and rapidly making it’s way under my ELECTRIC, PLUGGED IN WITH ELECTRICITY treadmill…

I stopped the treadmill and immediately hopped off, sloshed my way out the door chanting “No, no, no, no…” 

The maintenance man working on the apartment’s pool was in the filter room right across from me (thanks for the head’s up, buddy! :/) and I jokingly (with maybe a hint of anger) asked him if he was trying to electrocute me.

Day 1 of (for real this time) half training finished. 136 to go.

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