Self diagnosis Saturday

This is not going to become a thing. I just thought it sounded catchy and it fits because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing after today’s run.

I’ve said it before, but being a new-ish runner in my mid(gag, cough, wheeze)30’s, it’s sometimes hard to determine whether I am indeed hurt or if I’m just not as spry as I used to be.

When I’m dealing with any kind of running pain, I rely on ice, ace bandages, and advil to help me through the healing process but only after a large, healthy dose of google.

Today’s self diagnosis? ITBS. It means some long word which translates into “the outside of your knee is sore because of a complex network of bands that you’re not warming up enough, not stretching enough, and you’re using too much.”

In other words, stop running and heal or face the wrath of a long term sideline.


I have a 10k in 3 weeks, a 5k in 4 months and I have a half in 5 months.

I’ve hit a time in my training where injury is not an option. If you ask me, I haven’t been running enough and now I’m plagued with an “overuse” injury?


I’m going to try some yoga, ice and Advil. I’ll also add in a pinch of rest and cross my fingers. That should fix me right up!


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