Not one of my better ideas but it was awesome anyway.

Months ago, back when we were in the midst of an eternal and brutally cold winter, a fellow running friend sent me a link to a local 5k/10k.

The Esprit de She. A run for women that would take place on June 26th at 6:30. It sounded like a great idea at the time. At a time when it felt like we’d be in jeans and coats forever, the thought of running on a gentle summer’s night sounded like an amazing idea. The free manicures, massages, wine and food might have helped, too.

So I wrangled in some friends for the ultimate girls’ night out.

Gentle summer’s night my ass.

90-something at race start with 50% humidity and a huge bright sun beating down on us at the starting line. We were not sparkling… it was sweat. Lots of it. My eyes stung and my freshly shaved legs burned and we hadn’t even started running.

And then we were off.

I set off at a very easy pace, I’m not a fan of oppressive heat and we all know that running and I haven’t always been the best of friends.

Here’s the weird thing, it felt good! And, dare I say, effortless? Maybe I was already delusional from being out in the heat for so long, but there was no burn, no tightness in my calves, I was breathing easy-ish… I was actually enjoying it!

Unfortunately, that’s when I psyched myself out. It seemed to be going too well. I began mentally assessing myself for anything that would indicate that I was over doing it. Was I sweating enough?  Is my heartbeat too fast? Should I have stopped for water back there?

Could it BE any hotter?

I’m an over thinker.

But I kept on. Walking a bit, running  a bit.

It wasn’t my best 5k time, but for the conditions, I’m proud of it. It was only 1 1/2 minutes slower than my most recent PR.

After the race, the sun finally set, and we enjoyed the gorgeous (much cooler) evening and the free wine, buffet, and music. We talked about how amazing our upcoming half will be once it’s finally cooler considering we’ve been training in this heat. I may have said that I anticipated it being a “Piece of cake” – that runner’s high is a crazy thing…

It’s amazing how accomplished you feel after such a grueling run. You know I’ll be freaking out around October.

Injury report: Even though the race went well, and I have no new injuries to report, I am dealing with a back (hip?)  issue that I dealt with a while back. I’m not sure what has caused it to rear it’s ugly head, but I’m in a good amount of pain at the moment. (Icing and Aleve is taking the edge off, but work (aka on my feet forEVERRRRRRR) isn’t helping either.


I’m not ready

Just now, my oldest son was standing in the kitchen joking with his dad. He looked so grown up and handsome in that moment that it took my breath away. As he began to walk past me, I grabbed him in a hug and held him tightly. I tried to let go and let him by before he could see the tears in my eyes, but he turned to me and said “I love you.”  And I lost it.

I’m not ready for him to be a high school senior. I’m not ready for him to go live on campus in a little over a year. I’m not ready to not see him every single day.

I’m not ready.

The dangers of running

I’m running a half marathon in 4.5 months. WHAT????? While running a half in November is going to be AMAZING because of the beautiful NC fall weather, training for it in the throes of an NC summer is not so amazing. Waking up to run at dawn o’ clock is not an option when I work until at least 10 lately.

I took to the treadmill today because no one wants heat stroke and I’m still nursing my knees. I was hauling buns through a great run, aiming for 3 miles, when I look down and see that the gym is quickly filling with water. It was at least an inch deep and rapidly making it’s way under my ELECTRIC, PLUGGED IN WITH ELECTRICITY treadmill…

I stopped the treadmill and immediately hopped off, sloshed my way out the door chanting “No, no, no, no…” 

The maintenance man working on the apartment’s pool was in the filter room right across from me (thanks for the head’s up, buddy! :/) and I jokingly (with maybe a hint of anger) asked him if he was trying to electrocute me.

Day 1 of (for real this time) half training finished. 136 to go.

Self diagnosis Saturday

This is not going to become a thing. I just thought it sounded catchy and it fits because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing after today’s run.

I’ve said it before, but being a new-ish runner in my mid(gag, cough, wheeze)30’s, it’s sometimes hard to determine whether I am indeed hurt or if I’m just not as spry as I used to be.

When I’m dealing with any kind of running pain, I rely on ice, ace bandages, and advil to help me through the healing process but only after a large, healthy dose of google.

Today’s self diagnosis? ITBS. It means some long word which translates into “the outside of your knee is sore because of a complex network of bands that you’re not warming up enough, not stretching enough, and you’re using too much.”

In other words, stop running and heal or face the wrath of a long term sideline.


I have a 10k in 3 weeks, a 5k in 4 months and I have a half in 5 months.

I’ve hit a time in my training where injury is not an option. If you ask me, I haven’t been running enough and now I’m plagued with an “overuse” injury?


I’m going to try some yoga, ice and Advil. I’ll also add in a pinch of rest and cross my fingers. That should fix me right up!