Being among giants

So, last night?


Next time, I’ll be dragging some friends along. While everyone was friendly, I was a bit of a wall flower. I’d already hit the merch table snagging the “I run things” shirt, a new sweaty band, and a hard copy of “Train like a mother.” Yes, I already had it on my kindle but a) you can’t sign a kindle and b) my kindle is kind of no longer mine. Youngest uses it more than me… and not for reading *sigh*

I was quietly enjoying all the people watching and trying to drown out all the noise. There was so much excited chatter in one place, it was almost overwhelming.

It was so amazing to see runners of all shapes and sizes. We are all real people sharing all the same struggles. 

Dimity and Sarah were absolutely hilarious. They read bits from their book and raffled off some great prizes. I won a super comfy visor!

I’m so glad I went and saw ,first hand, the community that I’m a part of. 


I am SO short!

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