My ‘day off’

Because I work full time, with varying hours and days, my days off tend to fill quickly. Sometimes it feels as though I’ll never catch a break and truly rest. Other days, like today (YAY!) everything falls into place and there are no surprise errands tossed in for added ‘fun’.

The younger 2 are tracked out, so I got to sleep in. (always nice)

I got a run in wearing my sweaty band that was a birthday present from a wonderful work and running buddy. She also gave me a goody box FULL of yummy running essentials. Thanks again, Abby!!!




Yay for all the pink! And it really did stay in place! 

I’m having a great hair day.

Dinner is cooked and ready including a salad and fruit salad. 

Middle one has baseball practice until 6:30 and then…

I’m off to attend Raleigh’s Another Mother Runner party! 

I reserved my spot all the way back in January and I’m so excited that it’s finally here!! 

Swag bags are always nice but I can’t wait to soak up all that running wisdom… and maybe buy a shirt. 

I love days off like this!



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