I meet quite a few people in my line of work.

The good: regulars we know by drink and name. People we know we can play around with and who come back day after day, not just because of our coffee or our brand, but because of us. 

The bad and the ugly: The bad are the ones who don’t make eye contact, ignore a greeting, and or continue a phone conversation while at the register or speaker. Ugly in this instance is not based on looks. An ugly person, at least here in the south, is someone without a soul. A wretched person who’s goal in life is to make other people miserable. 

Luckily, the bad is a minor nuisance and the ugly rarely show up. I can name 2 times that I’ve had to leave the floor to gather my wits after an encounter with one of them. 

After an encounter with the ugly we appreciate our regulars a lot more, and sometimes, a new one pops into our life. Like Noxema on a sunburn, it soothes the sting.

Jesse arrived today towards the middle of my shift while I was tidying up the front.

His first words to me after I greeted him were “GIRL! I am so tired!”

I knew then, even before he assured me that he was our newest regular, that he would be an amazing new addition to our store.  He was bright, vibrant, and he addressed me by name. 

I was a person to him and I was so very hungry for that acknowledgement. 

This work week was a long one filled with a lot of “what am I doing here?” moments. It’s hard to serve with enthusiasm when so many people feel so entitled with no thought of giving back.

So, thank you, Jesse, for unknowingly making my day and reminding me why I keep doing it.


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