Two days until we leave for Disney!!

and I have so much to do! 

In laws arrive Wednesday and my house is a WRECK! Like, laundry room/storage room exploded (got a new freezer. YAY!), normal everyday book bags, shoes, homework, clean and dirty clothes, goodwill donation boxes that I’ve been meaning to get out everywhere! … and while I was putting food into the pantry I found a huge puddle of water and mold behind a box on the floor. Where is the water coming from I ask you!

Did I mention that I still have to pack and that I have still have 2 full days left of work? 

Also, I was reminded at work today that, you know, that little HALF MARATHON I’m running? Is THIS WEEKEND.


As in, it will be here sooner than soon. 

This YEAR of training culminates into this one day, this 3 hours of sweat and tears (I’m totally going to bawl, hopefully after the race.)

I’m so very ready and not ready all at once.


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