I took a deep breath

and remembered to take my vitamins (Super B keeps me sane. Like woah.) I still haven’t made it past 10 miles, but that’s ok. 

At this time next week, Prince Charming and I will be half way to Orlando. My focus has shifted, finally. Sure I’m still a bit worried about my time. I mentioned before that I signed up for a pace group, the slowest, a 3 hour pace. Um, yeah, that would be a 14 min mile pace. I’m an idiot. If I can maintain that pace… let’s just say it will border on miraculous. 

But it’s ok. 


I may have mentioned we’re in NC. Our children go to school year round which means they have periodic 3 week breaks after each 9 weeks. (4 tracks with staggered start dates). So, my children had Winter break, and then their usual 3 weeks. They were off for 5 weeks. When they finally tracked back in, we got hit by Leon. Out of school for 4 days. FINALLY go back to school… for 2 days. Then, BAM! Pax.

Our area of NC got 4 inches of snow yesterday. An inch or more came today.


If they go back by Monday, I’ll be shocked. 

I can’t wait to get the hell out of here! Even if it means I have to run a half marathon to do it.

I should be using all this “free” time to be getting ready for our trip. Making lists, doing laundry, beginning to pack, catching up on promotion at work related stuff… and I will. After I trek through the snow to get to the treadmill at the gym.

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