17 days. DAYS! OMG.

It’s totally normal to have stomach ulcers and almost paralyzing anxiety before a race, right? I mean, I haven’t really seen it mentioned in any of my running magazines or training manuals… but it’s normal, right??????


I can’t even be like, “WOOO I’m going to Disney World!” because I’m all like *GAG* “I’m ‘running’ a HALF MARATHON at Disney.”

Who said I could work full time, try to get a promotion, run a household, deal with the Heirs and an occasionally out of commission Prince Charming, and not try to kill myself running more miles than I’ve ever run in my always – been – the – fat kid life?

Ok. I’ve got this. It will be ok.

Also, if someone could come clean my room for me so I can find all my clothes that I need to pack, that’d be great. 


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