But what do I wear????


I’m torn between a simple tiara and a sparkle skirt.

True, I have no real use for either aside from this race. But ‘this race’ is a huge deal. 


Like wedding dress wearing huge.

So figuring out what to wear is just as big of a deal to me.

I’m partial to my go to running gear… a faded and holey grey burnout shirt over a bright orange sports bra and a Nike running skirt with drawstring sides and orange and pink shorts underneath. We’ve been through so many miles together and I kind of like the Cinderella-esque symbolism.

I’ll cross the finish line exhausted, sweaty and (hopefully) upright… find my Prince Charming in the crowd and then I’ll wear my tiara along with my race medal. ALL DAY.

But everyone else will be so cute and sparkly! And this race and all that’s after is a such a celebration… so I’m thinking I should dress up in a sparkly skirt and a tiara because I should look ridiculously adorable for my shining moment. right?


Stay tuned…


The most craptacular run

And I use the word run loosely. Because I hobblewalked. 

It’s my own fault, really. I’m eating poorly and not drinking or sleeping enough. (Prince Charming is in the hospital getting his maintenance chemo.)

I’ve also been ignoring a slight achy-sharp pain in my right shin that randomly pops up post run. Ice has seemed to help and it hasn’t become an issue… until today.

Walking is no problem. It’s when I’m running. Only just before my foot makes contact with the ground, it’s hovering in the air, millimeters from making contact when I get a sharp/bruisey sore twinge in a very specific part of my shin.

I am not amused. 

In fact, it’s freaking me out. (But seriously what am I NOT freaking out over lately?)

On a positive(?) note, I joined a Princess Half pace group! Bless the poor Saint who, will not only be guiding all these poor lambs at a snails pace, but will be holding a stick with balloons attached to guide us the whole way.