What’s your excuse?

Recently, a very fit mother of 3 young boys, posted a picture of herself and asked us all “What’s your excuse?”

She’s now being accused of bullying and fat shaming. The internet is all up in arms. Caps locks are broadcasting judgement and hate for this woman. I swear I can hear the keyboards being abused from here.

So, here’s my 2 cents. 

This woman is as much of a bully as Mother Theresa.  We all have busy lives. We all work, possibly raise kids, volunteer… You know what she does? She eats right and forgoes an hour of TV for an hour at the gym while working, raising kids… you get the picture.

What’s your excuse? The Walking Dead won’t go anywhere if you have to miss an episode.

You have a netflix account and a smart phone? Watch your shows at the gym while you walk on the treadmill. Listen to a podcast while you walk a trail. DVR your fave TV show and use it as an end of the week reward for all your hard work. After all, even wonderfully fit and active people get an off day.

You have no excuse. 

Fat Shaming – I hate this term. Eleanor Roosevelt said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Her picture and question makes you cry fat shaming? Maybe you’re actually ashamed of those curves you say you love.

I admire anyone who can be happy with their body no matter the shape or size, but it’s a scientific fact that being overweight is unhealthy.

You’re not a bad person and you’re not ugly.

This woman is not shaming you for not being a size 2 with defined abs, you are.

You have no excuse.

You have choices. You are responsible for the choices you make. 

You want to watch Doctor Who all day while eating ice cream? Go for it. Deep down, you’re really the only one who cares if your pants don’t button and you know why. 

It’s not that mom’s fault.