Remission, beaches, and bone marrow



This past weekend, we spent a long weekend at Kure Beach here in North Carolina. We hired a photographer to take our pictures at the beach and I’m so totally in love with every one! I’ve always wanted to have a photo session on the beach.

Prince Charming was released from the hospital on August 27th and has been getting stronger and stronger everyday.

He’s in remission. The cancer is gone for now, but soon, he’ll be (hopefully) back in the hospital in preparation for a bone marrow transplant.

It’s his best chance for a cure.

There is a very slight possibility that we will still be making our way down to Florida in February. 

Prince Charming has refused to let me cancel our reservations and although I can’t imagine how much training I’ll get in, I will run the half.

We’ve been told that it helps with the recovery process to have something, like a trip, to look forward to.

I have a horrible tendency to lean on the cynical side (I call it being a realist) but I’m really trying to think positively.

In the mean time, I will begin training as often as I can and enjoy every precious moment that we have him home.


One thought on “Remission, beaches, and bone marrow

  1. I’m glad that you’re keeping on with the reservation in February and that you will do the half – I think it will bring you joy. xo

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