Deep thoughts.

“The path to heaven runs through miles clouded hell, right to the top. Don’t look back.”

Can you see it? Just ahead… past that slight curve in the trail, and right after the large tree dripping with the honeysuckle vine… and when you pass that, it’s just… there. Just ahead. Just past the next curve after that.

Don’t look back, all you’ll see, between the shadows closing in, is the fear or failure. It lures you in, pulling you backwards and tricking you into thinking that’s all you are. A failure. The fear blurs your thoughts until you can’t see that it’s only an obstacle you’ve been running to overcome to get to this brightest part of the trail. 

The quote above is a line from a song by Imagine Dragons. I’ve always liked it, but for some reason, during my run today, the jarring truth of that line came at me, sending chills down my spine. 

I’ve been letting the shadows catch up to me and it’s blurred the light ahead. 

And it’s not just running, it’s in all things. 

I try to be everything to everyone and in doing that, I’ve gotten lost. 

From now on, I’m going to focus on only looking forward. 

‘Heaven’ to me is achievement in all things (maybe perfection… I may have to lower the bar on that one 😉 ) A healthy marriage, healthy children and a healthy husband.

Heaven is finishing the race and in doing so, becoming a healthier version of the awesome I already am. 

I can do this. I’m not looking back. 



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