Damn, I’m tired

Remember when I was a stay at home mom and I never had time to work out?

Well, I do.

And it’s funny, because then, when I had no time to work out, it was because I was too busy sitting on my ass and reading books, or lounging by the pool, and ‘cleaning’ the house.

Now that I’m really, really busy, I do get more runs in, but not nearly as many as I should, and I’m exhausted.

I follow a facebook group for the Princess Half 2014, and while I keep to myself, many people post their daily workouts. As they should. I mean, I guess they feel it’s encouraging?

But, seriously? You, perfect stranger, did a 3 mile run AND you’re going to ride your bike 4 miles to your Zumba class later tonight?

In my dreams!

I may be a bit jealous. It’s normal, right? Keeping up with the Jones and all…

But when the simple act of getting into my running clothes seems like too much work, I can’t help but think that I’m in over my head.

Maybe I just need to get more than 7 hours of sleep at night. I wish it was as easy as it sounds.

4 thoughts on “Damn, I’m tired

  1. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. Forget about what everyone else is doing! We’re all different and we all have different exercise routines. I think you should do what’s best for you, exercise as much as you can without hurting yourself or being over-exhausted. You’re going to do great. ❤

    • You’re right. Comparing myself to others has never done anything but discourage me. I’ll add it to the my list of nasty habits to break 😉 Running has sure opened my eyes to all the negativity I hold against myself.

  2. I agree with Lisa. You do YOU. Things will come in time, Rome wasn’t built in a day, etc etc. You’ll get to that point when you’re ready! In the meanwhile, celebrate every little accomplishment that you reach and achieve because you’re doing great things.

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