It’s really real, y’all!!!

As of 12:05pm today, I have an official entry into the Disney Princess Half. 


I’m so very, very excited! Not only because it’s a vacation to the happiest place on earth with my favorite person, but I’m already proud of myself for finishing a race I haven’t even run yet!

Awhile ago, I began running with the sole intention of just being able to run longer than two minutes. Races weren’t on my radar and a half was only something crazy people did. And marathons?? No freaking way. 

Now, well, I have 3 5k’s under my belt and I’m going to own this half like the princess that I am!! I daydream about walking (hobbling?) around the parks after the race, wearing my finisher’s medal. And you KNOW I’m going to. Every day. 

I will buy all the Half related souvenirs and I will cherish everyday, every ride, and every laugh I share with my Prince Charming. Knowing that I will have accomplished something I thought was impossible just a few years ago will make a perfect vacation even more special!

But for now, it’s about to get ugly. 

I ran 2 miles today, and tomorrow? P90x.


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