So then it hit me…

I never thought training to run a half marathon would be so difficult. I mean, I honestly thought that if I just kept running, and slowly increasing my mileage that I’d be golden come February. 

But as I dive deeper into training plans and lament over pace issues I can only WISH my first thoughts about running were true.

And once I’ve gone through all this training and hard work, and finishing the Princess Half LIKE A BOSS… then what?

Am I a racer? I can’t really see myself running for the hell of it but I don’t want to stop running once I’m done…

Do I go through the rest of my running life perpetually training? Will I learn to love running just because?

4 thoughts on “So then it hit me…

  1. I train to race. The races are what keep me going, give me motivation, and make me push forward. If I didn’t race, I’m not sure that I would train as much as I do.

    But experiencing races, planning things at least once a month for the sake of running? That’s what makes me happy! I love the race atmosphere and I also love that I don’t put any pressure on myself (in regards to pace) other than to just DO it. If I’m running, then I consider that a win.

    • I do love races… the camaraderie, atmosphere, and race shirts! I also love all the ‘fun’ runs that seem to be the trend lately.
      As far as pace/competition, it’s only with myself. But my pace issues are more the kind where I begin my runs hauling ass and wear myself out too soon. I haven’t found that happy medium, yet.

      • Have you tried intervals to even yourself out? I’ve found that if I have a set interval time, I keep a better, more consistent pace throughout. 🙂

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