So then it hit me…

I never thought training to run a half marathon would be so difficult. I mean, I honestly thought that if I just kept running, and slowly increasing my mileage that I’d be golden come February. 

But as I dive deeper into training plans and lament over pace issues I can only WISH my first thoughts about running were true.

And once I’ve gone through all this training and hard work, and finishing the Princess Half LIKE A BOSS… then what?

Am I a racer? I can’t really see myself running for the hell of it but I don’t want to stop running once I’m done…

Do I go through the rest of my running life perpetually training? Will I learn to love running just because?

New Shoes

My last pair are almost a year old. *gasp* I know, right? How can I call myself a runner?
These are the new ones… 

They’re still the Brooks Ghost 5 (because I loved the first pair so) but this time they’re PINK! Perfect for this princess! 


I dedicate this one to Prince Charming

He’s been pushing me to get real and we’ve begun our early trip planning, so I’ve challenged him to put his money where his mouth is (so to speak). He may not feel like training for a half marathon, but I’ve given him a goal and seeing him work towards his goal for this trip kind of makes me feel good (and drives me. I didn’t realize what a competitive person I was (; ) 

He tried to begin c25k, but couldn’t quite get through the second jog.

I’m alarmed at how far he has to go, but I know he can do it if he sticks with it. Isn’t that how anything works?

A little over 9 months to go…

If I can create and give birth to a whole human being in 9 months, training for a half marathon should be a piece of cake. Right??

Choices loom before me… Running groups? Training plans? Diet changes? I hate feeling restricted. Do I just listen to my body and run longer when I’m feeling strong, take it easy on days I don’t feel it?

In my panic to prepare, am I over thinking it all?

I’m thinking I should just be able to lace up my shoes and run… but that seems to be the hardest part.