6 months ago… or… why cross training is important

Six months ago, Prince Charming and I  took the heirs to Disney World for a whirlwind vacation. So many things were uncertain in our life and we, as a family, were facing great change. We held tight to faith, had an amazing time, and so far we’re still ok 😉

I began working right after we returned home, and in that time, I’ve managed to lose 17 pounds. While I know this is a running blog, work gets most of the credit for my weight loss to date.

My job is very physical and I give it 100%. I jokingly call it my cross training, but seriously, it’s kind of true.

My weight loss before now has certainly helped me ease back into running and my job directly contributes to my success.

Bending, reaching, walking, and standing for several hours a day have helped strengthen my legs and core. It has greatly improved my running form which gives me easier (HA!) runs and fewer injuries. Don’t get me wrong, it still hurts, but in a very good way.

Another bonus? Today, I slipped on a par of shorts that were way too tight when I wore them on that trip. And when I say slipped them on, that’s what I did. I pulled them up without unbuttoning them. They can barely stay up.

I’m still a long way from my perfect. It’s a constant battle to keep my eating in control and run regularly, but it’s these little victories that remind me to keep going.

One thought on “6 months ago… or… why cross training is important

  1. You’re doing great things for yourself and your body! Congrats on the little milestones that remind you of the bigger picture!

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