I ran outside today!

Big deal, right?

YES! It is!

There was a discussion the other day over on Scoot a Doot about our love (or hate?) of the treadmill. I personally see the treadmill as a security blanket of sorts. It’s always there to meet my needs without me having to put myself on ‘display’ by running in public.

Seeing myself as a runner is a very recent milestone for me and I still have moments of insecurity when I compare myself to the other runners around me.

So, with my laces tight, and my big girl panties snug, I set out to run around the gorgeous lake that sits, literally, in my back yard.

My pace was everywhere! My first .25 was at a 10 minute pace! I kept thinking, ‘Man! Running outside is so much harder, my legs are burning, I’m gasping for air…” *looks down at runkeeper* ‘… OH! Woah! No wonder!!’

So I backed off a bit. I took quick walking breaks when I found myself feeling overwhelmed, and tried not to beat myself up for it.

I can’t complain about my results 2.1 miles in 28:25.

3 thoughts on “I ran outside today!

  1. Rock on! I’m so glad that you got out there. I know it’s difficult to leave the security blanket at home sometimes but running outside is a totally different experience, without having the treadmill to pace us. It’s good to get used to it, especially with races and whatnot! 😉 While I always have a deep-seeded love for my treadmill, even I can admit that outdoor running has its benefits.

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