This crazy life

I was all set the other night, to post a thought provoking and inspiring message and celebrate my new PR. ( I like PB, but the oldest heir told me it just made it seem like I was talking about peanut butter.)

Alas, it was then lost in a haze of “damn, I’m tired”, getting ready for bed, and all the other things that overwhelmed me at the moment.

I’m sure I don’t have to list them. We all know what they are.


Today, however, I have a rare quiet moment and wanted to share the oddest thing that has happened to me. I’d come home after a particularly stressful day – I’d been training for over 7 hours and stressing myself out over said training for over 7 hours – and usually, in these kinds of situations, I would immediately turn to food.

Chips, cake, chocolate… anything.

But I didn’t want them – I wanted to run. I wanted to plug in my headphones and chase that euphoria I get when I burn, ache, and maybe match or beat my newest PR.

How weird am I? 😉

BTW, my new PR is a 12:40 mile.

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