I’m a dirty girl!



Where do I even begin?

This was my first mud run, but my 3rd and most definitely best 5k. (So far)

First of all, doing a 5k with friends is just more fun. It didn’t matter that we were the back of the pack, and I only laughed when the next wave began to pass us. This race wasn’t a competition, it was a way for the 3 of us to step out of our comfort zones a bit and have a little fun doing it. 

We ran, climbed, and slid our way through a large horse farm enjoying every rolling hill, a pond full of ducks, and weaving through piles of horse poop!

The last thing in our way from crossing the finish line was a very large mud pit surrounded by a large cheering crowd. 

Now, I hate being cold. Like, really hate it. And mud is gross.

But over the course of an hour, I’d run, laughed and climbed tall rope towers (did I mention my crippling fear of heights?) so one little mud puddle was not going to stop me now!

With the DJ cheering us on, and commenting on my every move,(because I realized I was standing there alone with my buddies behind me debating) I stripped off my jacket and dove into the ice cold, muddy bottomed pit.

It literally took my breath away. It was that cold. 

It almost took my pants as I got up.

It was a perfect ending to the perfect ‘race’.


3 thoughts on “I’m a dirty girl!

  1. So very awesome! And so very glad that your pants stayed ON your person. Because otherwise you probably would have been REALLY cold. xo

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