Once Upon a time

… in a land far, far away, there lived a mom who had 3 boys. Although she loved her boys dearly, their demands took a toll on her and she began to go stark raving mad.

One day, this a little elf came to her while she was in the midst of cooking dinner, homework, and meltdowns. After asking the little elf what took them so long, she could have used help with the housework years ago, she told them to hurry up and get to it because, damnit, she was busy. 

Fearing for their life, the tiny elf tossed a book at the frazzled mom and ran for the hills, leaving a cloud of sparkly, magic dust behind them. 

The book was titled Train like a Mother.

In this book were words like, running, happy, and feel good. The more the mom read, the more she liked the idea of taking time to do something for herself which would then, help her keep her mind semi-sane as she refereed the heirs.

So the mom made a plan. She would use this book to help her navigate the scary world of running until she reached her ultimate goal:

The Disney Princess Half Marathon.

This is my fairy tale.


I began my blog with this post on Tumblr in 2012 with the intention of running the 2013 Princess Half. Fast forward to now… I obviously didn’t run it and it’s so weird to think back and see what a year it has been. 

Between the heirs’ activities, Prince Charming’s job in turmoil, and my own change in employment, it’s no wonder I gave up so soon into my training.

So here I am again, renewing my commitment to myself and with a running platform that is much more stable.

So, without further ado, let’s meet the cast of characters. We’ll be seeing a lot of them in the next year.

Prince Charming – my wonderful, loving, and supportive husband (Except when it comes to waking up at 4am to cheer me on this coming February)

The Heirs – Just 3 of the many reasons that I run. Oldest is 16, The middle one is 12, and my Baby is 8. 

My Fairy Godmother – My mother in law. She’ll be coming to keep an eye on the heirs when Prince Charming and I run off into the sunset, AKA Orlando, FL.


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